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Who Is Greatest In The Kingdom?

By Brighton Maadza
At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18v1-7

The Background Of The Story
From chapter 17, Jesus took three of the disciples: James, John and Peter for prayer at the mountain. On their way back they met a man begging him to pray for his child from whom the remaining disciples had failed to cast out the spirit. They were surprised when they failed to cast out the spirit and Jesus did so easily. When they had asked Jesus about the secret, they were told of prayer and fasting. Jesus went on to speak about his trial. The disciples began to argue among themselves since they had noticed that only three of them had been taken to pray. As Jesus was telling them about his trial the disciples were busy thinking about who could be next to Jesus in the Kingdom (Luke 9:46).
Now Jesus perceived their argument and answered them, that unless one is converted and become as little children he will not see the kingdom of God and in one way this was the way to qualify for the kingdom, thus being born again. The Amplified Bible mentions love, trust, being lowly and forgiving which is confirmed by God’s nature of Him being love (1John4:16). On trust we have to believe and confess by our mouths then we become born again {Romans 10:10}, on lowliness the Word says, he who doesn’t carry my cross is not worthy of me {Matthew 10v 38}
But then Jesus goes on to say that, he who humbles himself as this little child { loving, trusting, lowly and forgiving} is the greatest in the Kingdom meaning that there were some characteristics of that specific child which led Jesus to say that like this child whilst before he had mentioned about generally, ”little children“. These are the characters we are about to learn so as to be great in the Kingdom.

1st Characteristic: Obedience
Jesus called the little child and the child came. This shows us the element of obedience of that child that no matter being recognised as a little child he could hear and obey. Obedience takes one to do what he is called to do not to just answer. There are many people called to something and they have failed to obey in one way giving the excuse of being young. In the Bible Jeremiah had to give an excuse that he was only a youth {Jeremiah 1v6} but as we learnt in this scripture, nomatter the child was called little he was able to walk to Jesus. God calls you for what you are able to do. He causes to will and to do {Phillipians 2:13}. In the same way Jesus said that He did the will of the Father who sent Him.  As we wish to be the greatest in the Kingdom we need to be fully obedient to His will {John 7vs 17}. You are at the right age to do the work of God.

2nd Characteristic: Lowliness
In the bible, men were only recognised in most of the gatherings. We cannot say that it was the people who wrote the Bible because  {2 Tim 3 v 16} that all scriptures where inspired the Holy Spirit implying that the Holy Spirit also didn’t recognise the woman and the children , but at that moment Jesus had to make a reference of the  little child which wasn’t recognised . In the Kingdom there are angels, but the Word says humble yourself in the sight of the Lord. We need to know true humility is not shown to the man of God neither to the angels but to the Lord only, because even nowadays we still have people who worship angels, seek to please the man of God to show them how humble they are. Even some are good in bowing down in the presence of the man of God but when he is alone in prayer he cannot even do it and some before the man of God but to his parents he cannot bow. The Word goes on to say that do all things as you do to the Lord .Children were not acknowledged where other issues were addressed but when it was about greatness in the Kingdom they were recognised. May you love to be recognised by God not man in your life? May we do all things to please God? As you serve in the house do it unto God not to be recognised by man. For this child at some moments he could not be recognised but that day he was used as an illustration as the right candidate, the character in the Kingdom.
3rd Characteristic: Trust
With a belief that the children walked with their parents and were taught not to respond to the strangers, we did not hear Jesus asking for the young child from the parents so as to use him as an example, but despite that, the child had to go without asking for permission from the parents, that showed trust which is unique. He  trusted Jesus more than his parents, and at some point in the Bible Jesus remained behind at the temple after the Jews occasion at the age of twelve and when Joseph and Mary came back to collect Him He answered them that he was doing His father’s work. For greatness we need to trust God nomatter what it takes or despite that you are the only one who is a believer in your family .Some trust in horses some in chariots but we trust in the Lord meaning that there are many things we can place our trust into but it takes trust in Jesus to be the greatest in His Kingdom. You need to trust in God as you are doing  His work and know that you are safe, secured and all is well with you. Sometimes you have habits or practices you were taught as you were growing up but this is the time you need to trust God fully with your life. In my life sometimes I was threatened many times with death, after refusing to partake in some practices but because of my trust in God I’m still alive and prospering. Given that the parents were also available they could not draw the child back but had to also believe in what God was using the child to. Your trust in Jesus will also make your parents believe in God as you are used by Him.
4th Characteristic: Loving
I have had an encounter with a little child who was trained not to greet strangers and instructed to be rude. The Word also teaches us to train our children in the way they have to grow so that they won’t depart from it {Pro22:6}, so as this child was young, he must have been taught also the same thing and also children are known of playing. He could have been also playing like other children because Jesus was a stranger in this place, and I believe that it was not all teachings the child could listen to from Jesus because he was a little child but he had to follow the crowd, he had to leave all the play and also needed to see and listen.
As we are born again there are many things we do not even know but it takes zeal for us to remain connected. If people could know Jesus or the Kingdom, there would be no reason Jesus could come to die for us. If it was only the issue of the blood for blood only, He could have died at birth and when Herod sought to kill Him at birth and escape every persecution. This child seems not to know many things but he was there where the elders were. This child had the Love for Jesus. He could abandon all and be found in the gatherings where Jesus was. Also knowing that wherever Jesus was a crowd followed, this child was identified, meaning that through the legs of the elders he crawled through to get Jesus’ attention. When you want to be the greatest in the kingdom you need to love Jesus with the knowledge you have at the moment .You need to have a sound mind, teachable heart always in His presence .When the child was called he did not resist because he loved Jesus and because the Word of God says I loved you first before you loved Me. You need to understand that Jesus had to come for the sinners.
Why do you need to know bones staff whilst you are not yet born again? And even not passed the level of milk? Also at some moment due to the persecution Jesus faced, it was not easy for a child to respond to the call but because of the clear conscience it was easy for the child to receive Jesus. You need to have a clear conscience every time,  because I have realised in my life that I have never stopped knowing new things  about the Holy spirit in my life .Every time I’m shown the other side of Him; and someone said that God never changes His nature of ever changing {from Glory to Glory}
5th Characteristic: Forgiving
The Word says that Jesus grew as man, like us, in body, wisdom… {Luke 2:52 GNB}. I suggest that there was a time Jesus could also cry like others; where he had to be trained also as the Word talks about discipline. He had to pass through discipline as He was a child. Going back to our daily living there are other things which are done by a child which cannot be recognised as wrong but definitely wrong when they are done by a grown-up because of the child’s conscience. This child may also have been even disciplined before, with his parents but still he was found at the gathering, because he was quick to forgive. There are some people who become bitter after being disciplined. They even calculate the degree of hurt, like another child who complained  that her mother had rebuked her in public ,then my question was, can’t the parent do what she wills with her daughter?
You need to forgive as much as possible. God rebukes those that He loves. You must be in a position where you understand God’s rebuke because some have ended up accusing the devil whilst they just needed to ask forgiveness from God .Do not be angry at God, know that He loves you.

Our position in the kingdom
What qualifies us to enter into the kingdom of God is being born again and we are assured that our names are written in Heaven.{Luke 10v20} Jesus said we are in the world but not of this world then in the Lord’s prayer He told God that let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.{Matthew 6v10} I got to understand that there is a kingdom of God and of heaven .When you are born again you live in the kingdom of God which is in earth and you have a place in Heaven which in John 14, Jesus said he went to prepare for us.
We need to know our positions; that as God is so are we. Jesus gave us Glory that will be one with Him {John 17:22} and in Ephesians 1:20 He was raised from the dead, and was set at the right hand of God in the heavenly places which becomes our place since in Colossians 3} the Bible says: For you have died, and your [new, real] life is hidden with Christ in God. {Gal 2:20 } says  I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me, meaning that as we cease to live and Christ lives in us. The more we dwell in the word, Christ lives in us who is in Heaven, hence Thy will be done as it is heaven. We need to understand that Christ lives in us and automatically we are also positioned at the right hand Of God which is a position of authority and power. We also have Christ’s nature implying that humility becomes our nature.
That also means that we possess what our father (God) has. {Vs. 10}.Jesus said whatever the Father has I it has been given to Me so as given to us. In the Old Testament we heard the Word mentioning the angels as the angels of God but in {vs. 10} it is mentioned, ”their angels.“ That means that we are also given an angel who takes up from the throne meaning that our prayers are not just normal. The angels appear as we are in prayer, then the Word says in Hebrews, they are ministering spirits. They also minister to us as we are in prayer and as we are up to His assignment they are given to our charge.
Humble yourself {1 Peter 5vs6}. We need to learn to be patient in all times like this child. It takes 365 days to get into the other year but it could take years to recognise this child as a little child, but in that day Jesus had to recognise the child and use him as an illustration. Let us wait on the Lord and He will lift us up high in the due time.
Matthew 18v5, Jesus said those who receive this child in His name receives Him. As we received Jesus, know that you have an assignment to win souls for him. You are a general! TLG

This Message Was Written By Brighton Maadza
Brighton Maadza is a young minister of the Gospel of God, used by God in several ways. Many signs and wonders have accompanied his ministry, many souls have been won, broken hearts have been mended and encouragement and comfort. Manifestations of the spirit are synonymous with him including deliverance, receiving the Holy Spirit, healing and the prophetic.