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The Spirit Of Lust

Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart (2Timothy 2:22)
Lust is a tool that is used by the devil to draw people away from God and unto himself. It is a dangerous tool and something that has resulted in the fall of many Christian people. The word lust refers to an intense longing and desire for something that is ungodly. There are many things that people lust after. These include money, cars, fame, food and mainly women and men.

…the eye is the gateway to the spirit of lust. It is what you see that you lust after; Eve saw that the tree was good and lusted after it… Feelings are a very poor foundation of a relationship or marriage and the marriages that are built upon the foundation of feelings are subject to dismal failures.
Lust is ungodly, and God does not want us to crave for worldly, material things. The main reason is that the affection that we have for the things that we lust after is the same affection that we should have towards God. God is not willing to share the love you should give Him with someone or something else. He also does not want a portion of your heart when part of it has been given to material things. You can become an even stronger force to reckon with if you would seek God the same way that you desire to have sex with that lady that you have not married or will not marry.
There is always chaos when the love that belongs to God is given to something or someone else. If that happens, it will not be called love but it becomes lust. We have people who entered into relationships not because they loved each other but because they lusted after each other. Many marriages today are a result of lust, when people sought after having a sex-partner and decided to get married. The difference between lust and love is that lust is sensual and feeling-based whereas love is spiritual and word-based, it comes from the heart. Lust is earthly, sensual and devilish(James3:15).
The gateway for lust is the eye. It comes maybe after seeing a beautiful and well-shaped woman, after seeing a nice car, after imagining you having a lot of money etc. There is a very very thin line between love and lust and the difference also lies within the basis. The desire you have for that man, is it based on a genuine and sincere conviction from your heart or it is based on a deep FEELING? Whatever the case may be, feelings are the backbone of lust. Feelings are a very poor foundation of a relationship or marriage and the marriages that are built upon the foundation of feelings are subject to dismal failures. All these marriages that face divorce, just assess their roots and foundations and it is very likely that lust and feelings form the integral part of the foundation.
Lust is the reason why people sin against God so as to get what they desire. You find that there are people who have committed murder because they wanted to steal cars, money (as is the case with most robberies) etc, where I come from there are many allegations of business owners who sacrifice their relatives’ or other people’s blood to idols and goblins in order to become rich and famous in return. That is a direct result of lusting after fame and after money. The Bible clearly says ”for the love of money is the root of all evil“(1Timothy6:10). Lusting after money, fame, women, men etc is the root cause of murder, strife, gossip, backbiting, witchcraft, wizardry, lies and all kinds of evil.
In the Bible, especially the King James Translation, there are different words that describe the same or similar things. These words include lust, covetousness, lasciviousness and concupiscence. These are devil-approved, tried and tested ingredients, recipes and formulas for failure that the devil has used to trap Christians in the past but thank God, we are not ignorant of his devices.
Lust is very dangerous to the extent that it attacks the learned and intelligent people too. Kings fell due to it, Presidents fall due to it, executives fall, geniuses and experts fall and the mere society members fall because of lust. Eve fell to the spirit of lust when she ”saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes (Genesis3v6).“ That again explains to us that the eye is the gateway to the spirit of lust. It is what you see that you lust after; Eve saw that the tree was good and lusted after it. No matter how educated one can be, he is vulnerable to the spirit of lust. Solomon was one of the wisest people in history but he was caught up by this spirit, the spirit of lust.
It is the same spirit of lust that was upon Abimelech the king. Abraham understood that king Abimelech had the spirit of lust and so he told him that Sarah was his sister and not his wife. Had Abraham told Abimelech that Sarah was his wife, Abimelech could have killed him (Genesis 20). You see how lust leads to more sin? Abimelech would lust after Sarah and murder Abraham.
Due to lust, Samson married Delilah and eventually told her a secret that put the whole nation at a disadvantage. Judas Iscariot lusted after money and betrayed Jesus for 30pieces of silver. This spirit of lust is an evil spirit and it has generated and circulated diseases like HIV/AIDS today, it has caused many divorces, it has broken families apart, it has broken up friendships and it has had many souls mourn in anguish in hell; it is called the spirit of lust.
The spirit of lust is dangerous. We need to continually develop a strong relationship with God and know the things that are freely given to us by God. The more conscious of God we become, the less we lust after things because we will know that God is willing to grant our desires.
Allow me to declare over your life that you shall never be caught up in the spirit of lust. Your ministry shall never be rocked by sex scandals and all lust related scandals. Your name shall never appear in the crime section in newspapers. I prophesy that your life shall be full of grace and you shall never be overpowered by lust related temptations. In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
Stay blessed and until next time remember, that
Jesus is Lord!!! TLG



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