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Dealing With Rude People

(Love) does not behave rudely 1 Corinthians 13v5 NKJV
I want to address a certain problem that has affected the body of Christ in this generation. There is an error under the sun and I am here to address it. This is the issue of a deficiency in character; a deficiency that has resulted in many people being rude. There are people who are generally rude, not naturally (that’s impossible) but usually as a result of different backgrounds. I have noticed that
backgrounds have shaped the way people talk and behave and resultantly, some are rude, some are ever cheerful, some are very polite and compassionate whilst some are moody; whatever mood they are in determines how they will behave.
Refuse to be immature, choose to grow unto spiritual maturity, exercising the fruits of the spirit…. Never be too proud to take God’s position and fight back at people who are rude to you.
Some people are rude because of the work that they do. I have noticed a section in the industry which has very very rude people. They just do not know how to speak nicely to other people and you may be left to wonder if they even have spouses or families.  What really is the benefit of being rude? I don’t think the list can even get to one point. Rude people say anything to anyone, in any manner and not even considering the effect of those words to the person who will hear them. This is very detrimental if the person speaking these words is a born-again believer.
I have come across people who are rude in the Church; not only newly born babes but those who have front row seats reserved for them every Sunday. The real reason is that not many Christians have been educated about the fruits of the spirit.
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Galatians 5v 22-23
I want you to notice the fruits LOVE, GENTLENESS and MEEKNESS. These do not suggest in any way that Christians ought to be rude. Our opening scripture tells us that love does not behave rudely. In other words being rude is an indication of lack of love, a deficiency of the nature of God Himself. Before people learn about prayer, fasting and all those things it is virtually important for people to be educated about the love of God and how to practise it. Love is the nature of God and everyone who has been born of God ought to walk in love, and love is not rude. Rather, as a fruit of the Spirit-the evidence of the Holy Spirit living in you- you should walk in love, being very gentle and meek. To be meek is to be humble and submissive. If you remember in The Dangerous Spirit Of Strife I was saying that there are times when you need to apologise even if you know very well that you were correct. One popular American Televangelist said that meekness is not weakness but it is strength under control. That is meekness, you do not have to be rude, you need to be gentle no matter how much you will be embarrassed in front of people. You will need to swallow your pride and like Jesus, make yourself of no reputation by choosing to be gentle and meek when everyone expects you to be rude.
One remarkable thing that the Bible says about rude people is in Proverbs. The Bible says ”A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. (Proverbs 15v1)“ I want you to know that two wrongs can never make a right. If someone is rude to you, do not fight back, because there is One who says vengeance is His (Romans 12v19). If a person is rude to you, just smile and let go of the bitterness; do not be offended, refuse to be. Rather, smile back and answer in the most polite way possible. You know that awkward moment when someone is expecting you to be sad yet you are smiling and speaking gently and politely. By that you will do nothing but heap coals of fire on that person’s head (Romans 12v20:Proverbs 25v21-22). A person will feel like a fool and only a real gold-plated fool will fail to notice his mistake. Learn to speak politely, even if everything within and without you is urging you to be man enough and fight back; like the Bible says in Proverbs 25v22, the LORD shall reward thee.
I want to help you to live peaceably with rude people. Like I said before, being rude is a sign of lack of the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of the spirit is a critical measure of spiritual maturity. Many people think that a person who displays a gift of the spirit especially Prophecy is a spiritually mature person, but that’s not it. It is not the gift of the spirit that makes one mature, but it is the level of development of the fruit of the spirit. That is why in Matthew 7 vs 20 Jesus said you will know them by their fruits, He did not say by their gifts.
Rude people somehow lack an element of spiritual maturity. If someone is rude to you, always remember that you are an eagle, eagles do not descend to fight with crows, they fly high in the air above every other bird. That is true where you are concerned; you are too mature to respond to rude people. If they are rude, just fly like an eagle and be loving, gentle and meek. Refuse to be immature, choose to grow unto spiritual maturity, exercising the fruits of the spirit. There is a God who said vengeance is His and it belongs to Him. Never be too proud to take God’s position and fight back at people who are rude to you. You know as much as I do that the Kingdom of God works on farming principles and whatever you sow is what you reap. If you sow treating people rudely, you will have everyone being rude to you, not because they want but because your seed compelled them to behave in that way. If the person shouts at you in front of people, just play the chicken role, be that chicken, that fool that refuses to please people at the expense of God’s delight. I guarantee you that the more you practise being polite to rude people, the more you perfect and mature your character and it is that character that will help you to develop into a vessel of honour (2Timothy 2v21).
By being rude to rude people you will be giving in your power unto them. When someone is rude, refuse to give your power unto them because your power is in obedience of the Word. However if you are rude you will give away your power to other people. Refuse that, choose to obey God. Be embarrassed, be humiliated for the sake of obeying God and like the Bible says, God exalts the humble. All those being rude to you will be soon knocking on your doors and begging at your feet for help after God will have exalted you for your humility. Always remember, that
Jesus Is Lord!!!!
Stay blessed, stay humble TLG

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